Norwich – An Impressive English City

Norwich is one of the larger cities in the country of England which is about 150 kilometers off the capital city London. With over 200,000 people living in this city, it is kind of an important city for the English people. There is a beautiful river Wensum that flows through the city.

The area around which this city has been built used to be a Roman settlement in early times. Later Anglo Saxons conquered this settlement and made it one of the largest cities in the country. After that period came the English and Norman guys who took over from the Saxons and built their own city and castle there. They started with their classic buildings like a castle. This marked the foundation of the famous Norwich Castle.  At a certain date the kingdom also fell to the French.

Norwich used to trade Wool in the 12th century and due to this highly successful trade, England had become very rich. Wool helped England build a lot of infrastructure around the country that you guys admire today. You must have already guessed this that the trade mostly went on with the whole of Europe, the exact continent whom English people voted to get out of recently.

In the 20th Century, Norwich had several manufacturing hubs in the field of shoes, clothing, furniture etc. Did you know that Norwich was also a big chocolate manufacturer? The biggest industry in Norwich was the Shoes industry. It was only in the late 1990s, the economy of Norwich started to turn from manufacturing based into a service based industry with the finance industry being the biggest hub.

All of England knows how important Norwich is when it comes to shopping. It is one of the top ten destinations for shopping lovers. There are several shopping centers and even a Castle Mall in the city accounting for most of the privileged shops in the city.

There are Theatres, Museums, Music and Drama and lots of other forms of entertainment in the city. But the most important part of the city is it’s rich historical architecture. There is a Norwich Cathedral and several numbers of churches in the city. The city people loved going to the churches. The city had seen an explosive growth in the housing sector due to tremendous growth in there. The growth was so much that houses were being built outside the city as there was no place for further construction in the city. As of today half the population lives right outside the city limits than who live inside the area.

Finally, take a look at this video: Norwich – A Medieval City: